Here you will find all the Articles which have been published in this website.

Difference between Articles and Posts
Articles are self sufficient and give a complete in-depth explanation for a subject or topic.  It also has all the relevant background information needed to cover the topic. Posts are sub-topics, which have been extracted from these Articles, which by itself make a good reading.

Article 1: Consciousness is Always time (t) = 0 : Click here >> 

Article 2: The Real Perception Process : Click here >>

Article 3: I Am …….. : Click here >> 

Article 4: Big Bang Revisited : Click here>>

Article 5: Quantum Physics and Vedanta
Click here
Article version>> Quantum Physics and Vedanta Final
Slides Version >> Quantum Physics and Vedanta Slides

Article 6: Karma Yoga : Click here>>

Article 7: Understanding the Mind – Part 1 : Click here>>

Article 8: Understanding the Mind – Part 2: Click here>>

Future Articles

  • Theory of Everything
  • Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Black Holes and more ….
  • Photon – Manifested Brahman
  • Doctorine of Karma
  • Cosmology: Vedanta and Science


4 thoughts on “Articles”

  1. thank you for composing this perspective. Although my personal study has arrived at these conclusions, i am nourished by your efforts to provide the Science vs Vedanta papers.
    Tat Tvam Asi

    1. Thanks Pushpinder. I have just completed an article on Karma Yoga. I would be uploading this shortly. I will let you know when done.


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Understanding Vedanta and Science are looking for the same Reality