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If you apply the teachings of Vedanta to science, it can radically change many aspects of the way we think about science and the universe. Yes, this is true. The focus of the different posts and articles is to show some of the dramatic changes which can take place within science. This does not mean that the teachings of Vedanta have been applied blindly. You will see that we have used scientific facts, logic, and reasoning to suggest these changes. The changes must be correct because they resolve and remove the different stumbling blocks currently being faced by science.

If you think about it, both Vedanta and science are looking for the same underlying reality, though they  approach the issue differently. Science is trying to understand and discover the universe ‘out there’ and Vedanta is trying to explain the universe ‘inside you’ or ‘in here’. Everyone will agree that there is only one universe. Both ‘out there’ and ‘in here’ must be part of the same universe. If this is true, both must have the same underlying reality. If you are part of the universe then your underlying reality must be the same as the underlying reality of the universe ‘out there’. There cannot be two independent realities for the same universe. So, it seems that both science and Vedanta are looking for the same underlying reality.

Rishis in ancient India took a direct approach. They closed their eyes and looked inwards, they meditated, they contemplated, and they discovered much on a wide variety of subjects. They revealed their findings and insights in the different Upanishads and scriptures. They discovered and understood that the inner core of each living being is the same. They taught that we all have a common inner core. This inner core is SatChitAnanda or Self-Awareness. This inner core is the source for the universe. It is the substratum for everything in the universe. Each living being, each object in this universe, all the laws of nature are part of the inner core. This inner core is the only reality. This inner core is the reality of both Vedanta and science.

Science is trying its best to find this underlying reality in the objects ‘out there’. Scientists are trying to find a common singularity for all objects. They are trying to discover the ‘Theory of Everything’. This theory will be the source equation, source law that will explain everything in this universe. Over the centuries, they have made a great deal of progress understanding these objects. Galileo, Isaac Newton, and other great scientists showed how the macro-objects in the world functioned. In modern days, Albert Einstein and other scientists have made great strides in understanding sub-atomic particles. Despite all this effort, they still are nowhere near to discovering the underlying reality of the universe. Science will never discover the truth by studying objects ‘out there’ unless and until it first understands the truth within ourselves. Scientists need to understand the inner core. Everything ‘out there’ is dependent on the inner core. Therefore, knowledge of the inner core is a must.

For science to succeed, it must understand the inner core, it must understand the core teachings of Vedanta. If properly understood and applied correctly, these teachings can change how we think and approach science. A new dimension will be added to science. This added knowledge will remove many stumbling blocks and resolve many of the unanswered questions that exist in science.

Relevant concepts from Vedanta must be welcomed by science. Especially if these concepts are rooted in science, logic, and reasoning. When Science meets Vedanta, it appears that magical things can happen. Science gets a new dimension; it gets a new perspective. Combining the knowledge of Vedanta with science, it can help science immensely.

This is the goal of these articles and posts. Use the knowledge of Vedanta to give science a new perspective, a new direction.

I enjoyed writing these essays. Many of the insights I gained came to me as I was writing these articles! It is an amazing feeling when you get a new thought which resolves and finds a solution to the problem you are tackling. It felt like Divine intervention – my inner core was guiding me in my writing process.

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Understanding Vedanta and Science are looking for the same Reality