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Difference between Articles and Posts
Articles are self sufficient and give a complete in-depth explanation for a subject or topic.  It also has all the relevant background information needed to cover the topic. Posts are sub-topics, which have been extracted from these Articles, which by itself make a good reading.

Article 16: Unlocking – Dark Energy and Dark Matter: Click here>>

Article 15: Is there a Cosmic Map? : Click here>>

Article 14: Holy Spirit, Father and The Son: Click here >>

Article 13: The Hubble Constant – Mathematical Proof: Click here >>

Article 12: The Science Behind the Projection of the Universe: Click here >>

Article 11: Ignorance Decoded: Click here >>

Article 10: Construction of Objects and the Universe: Click here >>

Article 9: Life is a Living Wave: Click here>> 

Article 8: Understanding the Mind – Part 2: Click here>>

Article 7: Understanding the Mind – Part 1 : Click here>>

Article 6: Karma Yoga : Click here>>

Article 5: Quantum Physics and Vedanta
Click here
Article version>> Quantum Physics and Vedanta Final
Slides Version >> Quantum Physics and Vedanta Slides

Article 4: Big Bang Revisited : Click here>>

Article 3: I Am …….. : Click here >>

Article 2: The Real Perception Process : Click here >>

Article 1: Consciousness is Always time (t) = 0 : Click here >>


Future Articles

  • Theory of Everything
  • Vishnu, Shiva and Energy
  • Awareness travels faster than the speed of light
  • Photon – Manifested Brahman
  • Doctorine of Karma
  • The Biggest Black hole – Awareness

17 thoughts on “Articles”

  1. thank you for composing this perspective. Although my personal study has arrived at these conclusions, i am nourished by your efforts to provide the Science vs Vedanta papers.
    Tat Tvam Asi

    1. Thanks Pushpinder. I have just completed an article on Karma Yoga. I would be uploading this shortly. I will let you know when done.


  2. REally like rading your articles Jayant Sir!! you should soon come up with a book on this.

  3. Mind bending concept and beautifully written. I enjoyed reading all the articles. Please post other articles.

  4. Jayant, your articles are absolutely brilliant.
    I am moving now from blogs to articles and intend to read them over a period of time.
    Read article 2 and 3 today.
    I Am……… did sink in, however Article 2: The Real Perception Process, I think I need to re-read.
    Keep it up! You are doing a great service to mankind, however at present my perception is there are few people who want to understand Vedanta with the logical way you explain in your articles.

  5. Hi tremendous explanations. Well done. please can we have more articles.What a wonderful read. how often do you write and publish articles on this website. Do we have any article for 2021 as yet. many many thanks

    1. Thanks a lot for your feedback, Based on these articles, I am in the process of publishing a book called ‘Science Meets Vedanta’. My focus is on this at the moment. I need to upload a couple of articles, which I will do in the near future.
      Best regards

  6. Your articles are in fact, enlighteningly Brilliant, Sir. From the
    recesses of ambiguities, very precious knowledge is brought out
    perspicaciously and presented in a lucid and discernible style.
    Complexity is done away with. The cream is proffered. To me,
    your articles are highly enjoyable and didactic in nature. I learn
    a lot from them. May your pen keep moving. Thanking you &
    wishing you all the best: R.P.Radhakrishnan

  7. Jayant Sir,

    Excellent explantion of all concepts. I am forwarding your youtube and this site refrence to my whatsapp group. People like you need recognition. I know you are not working for any recognition. God will keep you and your family in good health for awakening ignorant people like us. Somanath

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. Science can learn so much from Vedanta. It will help in overcome many of the bottle necks facing science.
      I am grateful for your help in spreading the word. I need this help. Thank you

  8. Buenos días: Me llamo Luis Franco, soy Español, me gustaría poder estudiar ve danta, algunos de sus artículos vienen en ingles, como poder traducirlo al castellano.

    1. That is a tough questions. If you are a starter in this area, please read ‘Who Am I’ by Ramana Maharshi.

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