Unity of Minds

We know each one of us has a mind. According to Vedanta, the mind is the subtle body and it is made up of thoughts, perceptions, feeling and emotions. In the same way, we have a gross body, which is the physical body we possess. There is no denying each one of us is physically separated in space. Your gross body is there, my gross body is here and in the same way everyone is at a separate location in space. Yes, the physical body is separated in space. What about the mind? You will be surprised to learn that all the minds in this universe at this ‘moment’ are at one location only. Shocking but true! Your mind, my mind and everyone’s mind at this ‘moment’ is at one location only. There is unity of minds.

The only way to understand this is to think differently. Don’t think about space or distance but think in terms of time. This is the key to understand this concept. We have seen in other articles that the mind is always at t = 0. Your mind, my mind and every mind are always at t = 0. We know t = 0 is the ‘now’ moment. So, for the ‘now’ moment, there is unity among everyone’s mind. It does not matter where your body is in space, but for the ‘now’ moment there is unity of all the minds. All the minds are at one spot (time wise), which is outside the spacetime fabric. The mind never moves, it is always at t= 0, it is always outside the spacetime fabric. The body moves, and it operates in the space time fabric. There is always a ‘now’ moment, therefore the unity of all the minds is always maintained. We have seen in other articles that the t = 0 or the ‘now’ moment is within each one of us. This means at this ‘now’ moment, your mind, the entire cosmic mind which includes all the minds is present within us. Can you guess the number of individual minds in this universe? I think it is countless. Imagine the population of humans, animals, creatures, plants etc. To this you can add life in other planets. All these countless minds are within us at t = 0 or the ‘now’ moment. Wow – what a feeling!

If your friend is sitting in front of you. His physical body may be in front of you, but his mind is within you. Your friend will also have the same experience. He will see your physical body in the front, but your mind is also within him. If there 10 people sitting in the same room, each one of them will have the same experience. Each of them will see the 9 physical bodies out there, but all the 10 minds will be within each one of them at t = 0.

How to understand this? We have discussed elsewhere that the physical universe out there is made of ‘memory’ objects only. This means that all objects out there are dated stuff, they are no ‘now’ objects in the physical universe. Why? Because it takes lights some finite time to reach us. So, we always see the dated version of the object. We know light takes 8 min to reach us from the sun. The sun we see is an 8 min old sun, it is not the ‘now’ version of the sun. In the same way, the moon we see is a 3 second old moon, the tree out the window maybe some milliseconds old, the computer in front of you maybe some nanoseconds old. There is nothing which is ‘now’ in the physical universe. We have seen that the mind resides outside the spacetime fabric, it is t=0. Therefore, from your point of view the person in front of you is a memory object, but his mind is at t = 0 which is within you. The person in front of you will have a similar experience. He will see a memory object of you, but your mind which is at t = 0 is within him. This will apply to each living being in the universe. Basically, each person creates their own universe on the spacetime fabric and this fabric starts with the individual mind.

In the article ‘Life is Living Wave’ we have explained that there is a fully functioning subtle universe, which is made of waveforms. This waveform of the objects in the universe is available to the cosmic mind and individual minds. The waveform of all the objects is within the cosmic mind, but a subset of this will be available in the individual minds.    

Once the unity of all the minds is properly understood, then the interaction of the mind with the universe waveform becomes clear. All the minds are at one place and the subset of the universe waveform is present in the individual minds at t =0. The subset waveform would depend upon what each mind is watching. Once the waveform in each mind comes in the presence of the ‘Observer’, the waveform collapses in every mind and then each mind projects their own spacetime fabric and the physical world (depending upon the waveform being watched) out there. Space is created with the collapsing of the waveform. Your body, my body and all the objects being viewed are placed at different locations in space. It must be understood, all the minds are still at t = 0, it has not moved. From your viewpoint, you are always carrying the both the mind and body. Where ever you go, the t = 0 is still with you. All the people you see, they are all memory objects and their minds are within you. All the people will have the same experience, their mind and all the minds are within them and all the people around them are memory objects.

It is interesting to note that the Observer or Sakshi is common for all the minds. There is no separate Observer for each mind, but One Observer for all the minds. All the minds are at same spot at t = 0, the single Observer collapses all the waves simultaneously in each mind and watches all the minds simultaneously. What can one say – this is sheer magic, this is the power of Awareness! Vedanta calls this Maya shakti.  

As a conclusion there is complete unity of minds, all the minds of every living being are at the same spot outside the spacetime fabric. Each mind projects and creates their own universe.