Recording – What Science can Learn from Vedanta?

Drawing from his recently published book Science Meets Vedanta, author Jayant Kapatker explores this topic by first understanding our Inner Core. If we apply these Vedantic teachings, it can radically change many aspects of the way we think about the universe. To highlight this, a few examples will be covered.

  • What is the Framework of Space?
  • How to Understand Objects?
  • What is the Energy Source for the Universe

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About the Book – Science Meets Vedanta

The scientific rigor, logic, and reasoning of the teachings of Vedanta, applied to some key concepts in science, will lead to the realization that they share common ground—in fact, that they are looking at the same Reality. The ancient Indian rishis had already discovered this Reality and expounded their findings in the various Upanishads and scriptures. We can learn much from Vedanta about science. For example, it helps us interpret Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and quantum physics correctly. The interconnection of science with Vedanta can bring about a dramatic change in the way we perceive and understand the universe.

The focus of the essays in this book is to highlight these changes, which encourage us to question the conventional understanding of the universe. So, be prepared!

This book is available on Amazon worldwide. Just search for – Science Meets Vedanta. It comes as kindle, paperback and hardcover versions.